Novellas Healthcare & your career

Novellas Healthcare: the guide through your career

Novellas Healthcare is a solid partner in the career development process of healthcare professionals.  Since 2002, we have developed a gamma of staffing services that meets both our customers’ and our candidates’ needs.

Our services are offered to the healthcare industry and to healthcare institutions.

Via Novellas Healthcare, you get a wide overview of job opportunities in healthcare, both in flexible or permanent employment.


Our main driver is respect for the human being with his/her personality, qualities and ambitions. Everyone is unique, and that is why we always take care of an in-depth personal approach for every candidate. We aim for the right person in the right job. That’s our key to success.

The path of your career

The better we know you, the better we can guide you. Therefor we always start with a qualitative personality test. The results of the personality test offer insights in your strengths buy also in your development opportunities.

During an in-depth job interview, we will then explore with you your experiences and your ambitions; Together with you, we will find out what matches your profile, and we will guide you to your tailor-made career path.

Careers in healthcare

We work together with a wide variety of enterprises and institutions for building their human capital. Hospitals, big pharmaceutical companies and small biotech start-ups: they choose Novellas Healthcare because our simple ambition to go for the right match.

Outside Belgium

And what about healthcare across the border? Since 2012, we’re expanding our activities abroad, with the same ambitions. To broaden our perspective of the healthcare industry and our offer to our candidates, we now have partners in the United Kingdom.