Nurture your talent with our healthcare training programs

Training is key to keeping the knowledge and skills of your employees up-to-date. As a people-oriented company, we know this better than anyone else. That is why we have developed a network of Freelance trainers.

Our freelancers cover specific range of healthcare topics (in clinical research, sales and/or marketing, medical, market access, tender business...) They have experience in pharma, biotech of medical devices.

We start by assessing your specific training needs to propose you the trainer who will fulfill your expectations.


Unlock your employees’ potential with coaching

We offer on-the-job coaching as well as coaching on personal and team growth to clinical research professionals, completely based on your specific needs. The program frequency and duration of our team coaching can vary because, simply, no organisation, employee or team is the same.

  • personal growth
    Our skilled coaches contribute to the development and personal growth of your employees. They stimulate them to unlock their potential and grow into taking responsibility and developing themselves to maximize their performance.
  • team development
    Our team coaching program is designed to help teams active in healthcare develop themselves. We always take into account that a team is a dynamics system with spoken and unspoken rules, individual expectations and visions, disappointments, moods and a personalities. The sum of these factors influences the performance of individual members as well as the entire group.
  • on-the-job coaching
    Because of the continuously increasing responsibilities of healthcare staff, you may not always have the necessary means to coach your employees. That is why we offer on-the-job coaching in the various aspects of clinical operations (medical devices and pharmaceutical) and people management. We mainly help optimize performance of specific clinical research activities such as conduct of feasibilities or project management.

Contact us and find out how we can maximize your employees' potential.